Simple Tips for Choosing Hardware for Kitchen

Kitchen furniture is of great importance. Its task is not only to provide maximum comfort but also to harmoniously combine with the overall design. Kitchen hardware is a significant piece of furniture. Without it, any headset will turn into a set of cabinets that only perform their functions. Even the most expensive furniture will not last long and fail without quality auxiliary materials. And vice versa, modern details will turn the kitchen into a stylish interior feature.

The Approach to the Kitchen Hardware Selection

When choosing hardware, it is necessary to give preference to high-quality products from trusted manufacturers, the comfort and durability of kitchen furniture depend on this. Besides, eye-catching details can become the only decor in modern design, for example in the minimalist style.

  • Carefully select the handles. When choosing new or upgrading old ones, remember they have to match your kitchen style. They can be of different sizes, shapes, colors, etc. This makes it possible for homeowners to choose the best handles fit perfectly into the design. They additionally must be resistant to different influences; therefore, they shouldn’t deform under the high humidity influence.
  • Drawer slides or sliding fittings are some of the main details for ease of use. They are present in any furniture with retractable structures, but most often in drawers. Roller ones are the most trouble-free in operation, as well as easy to install. You can always buy them inexpensively. Ball ones are silent and provide the ability to fully extend the drawer.
  • Dampers are intended to mitigate impacts when opening or closing the doors of different cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. If these elements are absent, the kitchen furniture is subjected to mechanical stresses which significantly reduce its life span. Dampers installation is carried out directly on the door hinges which makes the doors moving smooth, silent. Such a furniture set automatically adjusts to the facade dimensions, as well as its weight and speed during its opening or closing.
  • Metaboxes are created based on roller slides but have certain advantages in comparison with them. The main pro of using metaboxes is their long life span, reliability, and durability. Using metaboxes is actually easy, and they are also available in lots of colors.
  • Lifting gears. Manufacturers equip many kitchen sets with special cabinets that open at different angles. It is necessary to use specialized fitting for them called lifting mechanisms. Such fittings are convenient but are also expensive.

Kitchen fittings are presented in lots of forms. Here are a few aspects to consider:

The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking a Steak According to the Chefs

Cooking a steak is not difficult, but there are pitfalls that often play bad jokes. From the use of a warm pan to the lack of finishing in the oven, a good steak can be ruined with a few unwitting moves. Another common mistake is to slice it as soon as it is removed from the heat, thus making the juices of the meat lose before it even reaches the guest. To discover the mistakes people make when cooking steak, Chelsea Ritschel, a journalist from Independent, who lives in New York, interviewed some of the best American chefs.

According to German German Rizzo, chef, and owner of the Plado Tasting Bar, a place where you can have a “Mediterranean gastronomic experience in the East Village”, there is a “true art of cooking a good steak, even if the process is relatively simple. They must be grilled or cooked in a pan. There is no need for much else. It is enough to season the meat with salt and oil only at the end of cooking and then serve it ». But if in general, few would think of putting it in the oven too, to cook a steak Rizzo recommends using it if the cut of meat is thick. In this case, it must first be grilled, avoiding that the temperature reaches the center of the steak, and then put in the oven to finish it. For Clayton Rollison, chef of the Lucky Rooster Kitchen + Bar, in Florida, the grill would always be the best option, if we talk about a steak with the right degree of marbling, that is, with a good percentage of fat, but it is not wrong to cook it in a very hot cast-iron skillet.

Here is what Fortunato Nicotra, executive chef of Felidia of New York, who works in Team with Lidia in Tanya Bastianich suggests: «Personally I cook on high heat in olive oil for two or three minutes on both sides, to obtain a cooking medium in the center and a crispy crust on the outside. In the end, I add a round of raw extra virgin olive oil and smoked sea salt. ” For pepper lovers, Nicotra suggests adding it at the end. According to Dustin Willett, executive chef of The English Grill at The Brown Hotel, Kentucky, both options (grill or stove) are fine, the important thing is not to overload the pan with too much meat. The risk is to cook it too much or too little. «A good cut of steak should be of medium size, to make the best of flavor and consistency. It can be cooked on a classic hob with a heavy-bottomed pan. It is important, however, to make sure not to overload the pan with meat or you will not get good cooking. If the steaks are very thick, they may take a little extra time in the oven. “

The Mistakes You Should Never Make When Cooking Eggs

Eggs are an excellent solution for a healthy and quick meal, but here are the mistakes not to be made when cooking.

  1. Don’t slam them
    Beat the eggs helps to mix the yolk and egg white. It also makes them more airy and perfect for preparing soft and tasty omelets.
  2. Don’t flavor them enough
    Putting the right seasoning on the eggs is essential to prepare successful dishes since their taste is very delicate.
  3. Cook them too much
    Burning the eggs gives them a bad taste. Always cook over medium heat and never over high heat.
  4. Wrong technique for poached eggs
    Adding a teaspoon of vinegar to the water where poached eggs are made will give excellent results. Don’t forget to use hot but not boiling water.
  5. Break the eggs into a cold pan
    The eggs are cooked in a hot but not hot pan.
  6. Use the wrong pan
    The choice of the pot is important: the best way to cook the eggs is a large non-stick pan, if you have not always remember to add a little butter or oil to keep them from sticking.
  7. Use slightly fresh eggs
    Fresh eggs not only taste tastier but cook much better.

The Mistakes You Never Make When You Cook

Cooking is complicated, which is why so many mistakes are made without even realizing it. The most interesting side of the matter is that many of these mistakes are so common that they don’t seem to be such. We do not realize that we are doing them, and therefore we continue to make them undeterred.

In any case, among all the errors that can be made in the kitchen there is a type of error that should always be avoided, at any cost: that for which cooking becomes dangerous. Yes, because it’s not a big problem if the mistakes we make cause the dish that we thought we could cook perfectly to lose some taste, but a kitchen is also a place full of blades, ovens, flames and boiling liquids. You have to be very careful, so especially avoid these mistakes, here they are:

Improper use of the knife
What is perhaps the most common of mistakes is made by slicing food with a knife. The kitchen blades can be very sharp, which can sometimes mean going to the hospital to get points. The reason for the damage most of the time is an oversight, you have to be very careful every time you use something sharp, but many other times the reason is the technique used to cut, the way we use the knife, which is mistaken.

The 10 Mistakes That Are Made in the Kitchen

Maybe they seem trivial, but it happens every day to make mistakes in the kitchen. Let’s learn from our mistakes!

Stir continuously
Many people think that it is essential to mix the food continuously in the pot so that it does not burn. Yes, in some ways it may be true (in the case of risotto or special creams), but the truth is that exaggerating with the emphasis can especially transform the most delicate ingredients into a shapeless mush. It often happens with vegetables: they turn and turn, keeping the heat low for fear of burning them … instead they should be skipped to keep their crunchiness.

Cook over low heat for fear of burning
It connects to the previous mistake: how many times do you have the fear of burning the meal and then you cook on too low heat? Each raw material has its cooking and you must learn to know them better to avoid making mistakes completely. Meat, like fish for example, if cooked without seasonings, on the grill, need high temperatures: in this way they will be cooked outside, but soft inside.

17 Tips and Suggestions for Cooking and Home

Here you can consult all the tips and tricks for cooking. Home remedies and advice facilitate your daily life in the kitchen.


Save the too salty soups and sauces

To whom has this never happened? We keep on salting and suddenly we realize we have exaggerated. There is only one remedy: pour a diced raw potato into the dish and cook it for a short time.

Prepare the mayonnaise by hand

• 2 fresh yolks
• 1-2 teaspoons of mustard
• 4-5 dl of sunflower oil, peanuts or rapeseed
• 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar or lemon juice
• pepper and salt.

Choosing Kitchen Equipment Controlled Utilizing a Smartphone

Nowadays smart home gives people a good opportunity to save time and add comfort to their life. You can create a kitchen of your dream using your gadgets, devices, and equipment. With such equipment, you will plunge into the world of the future, as well as easily warm up food or get a drink. Smart kitchens have long been popular in many countries of the world.

What Smart Appliances Exist

First of all, smart devices differ from ordinary household appliances with their ability to interact with other equipment, in particular smartphones or tablets over a wireless network. Therefore, smart devices are equipped with sensors, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi modules and specialized software which increases their efficiency.

Often the user has a one-way connection with such a device. Smart household appliances are not only controlled remotely but also monitor their condition and monitor proper operation. If the user does something wrong or there is a breakdown somewhere, the device sends a message about it to the smartphone or tablet, and you already know where to look for the malfunction.

Tips and Life Hacks for a Comfortable Kitchen Arrangement

For all modern housewives, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house where they spend a lot of time. For them, this is a real workplace that has to be equipped for their own needs. They want the kitchen to be cozy, comfortable and functional as well as zero gravity chair in the yard. We will introduce a review of the right kitchen in our opinion. Kitchen equipment must comply with aesthetic and functional needs. Only in this case it will delight the eye and become a place for comfortable cooking.

The Right Approach to Planning Your Kitchen Space

Conventionally, the room can be divided into three zones: working space, dining room, and passage. There is everything for storing and cooking food in the working area: a refrigerator, cabinets, cutting and cooking surfaces, necessary utensils. By standards, the proper arrangement of the working area involves the alternation of a refrigerator, sink and stove with work surfaces. Thus, a certain triangle is created: “food storage — processing — cooking”.

Of course, furniture and appliances ergonomics are important, but you also need to think about the details for the room improvement. For example:

The Best Fittings for Your Dining Room Which Will Ensure Coziness and Comfort

The functionality of the entire set is determined by the competent fittings selection which will extend the life of the structure. When choosing kitchen furniture, people pay more attention to how it looks like. This is logical, but the material and the fitting used are still much more important criteria. It depends on their quality whether the facade of the kitchen warps after a few months of use, as well as how easily the drawers and doors open.

What Kitchen Fittings are Better: Expert Recommendations

Creating a complete kitchen image, you shouldn’t forget about using high-quality fittings. The simplest kitchen design can be transformed due to modern handles installed on the cabinets or drawers, and the most expensive kitchen can become completely nonfunctional if the fixing loops are unable to withstand the load. The most popular fittings are represented by all kinds of hinges and handles. The components supplied by Germany and Italian manufacturers are particularly reliable; the economy option is presented by Chinese ones.

There are leaders in every industry. They clearly got the first place in the ranking of the most purchased and reliable products, not by chance. These are Mul-T-Lock among door locks and Blum in kitchen fittings. Therefore, if you don’t have a desire, time and energy to get insight into the technical specifications and study the difference between one product and another, just specify who is in the leader in this industry. Contacting the right supplier, you can be sure of both quality and professional service.

The Most Common Mistakes When Arranging a Dining Room and Kitchen

The kitchen design should be based on proven solutions. In a well-equipped kitchen, you can easily place all the appliances, as well as cook. Some household kitchen appliances constantly interact with water and high temperatures. Kitchen surfaces should be durable and of high quality, while functional areas separate and organized conveniently and compactly.

10 Mistakes in Kitchen Design 

You should get insight into the most common mistakes that are made during repairs in advance to avoid them.

1.  Incorrect space planing. If you have a large kitchen, and all the furniture is placed along one of the walls — it is not very convenient. The three most important items in the kitchen — stove, sink, and refrigerator — should be located close to each other. Such a solution will make it possible for you to make a large kitchen more convenient.